Soundcore Q20 - Big Sur does not seem to like them. Codec issues maybe?

I have Q20’s that I used for ever with High Sierra. With Big Sur they only work right if I have the “Sound Input” preference pane open. Once I close it all my sound starts to clip like crazy.

I tried 3 other bluetooth devices and they all work fine.

I’m thinking it might have something to do with the bluetooth codec but

  1. I don’t know much about bluetooth codecs
  2. Apple changes it’s interface to bluetooth codecs with Big Sur. (Removed Bluetooth explorer from Xcode 12)


Wondering if @Shivam_Shah meant to post this reply here

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Nah I didn’t read this thread completely yet so not something I wanted to post here. Though if it works, hey cool with me :joy:

Hi @Jeff_MacDonald you can download Xcode 10 tools (10.2 if I remember correctly) to use the Bluetooth Explorer app. Had to do the same to change my codecs to aptx to reduce video lag with a few earbuds and speakers.

Hi @Jeff_MacDonald, I just updated to BigSur and am having the same problem with my Q20s. They were working normally right before the update. Were you able to fix the problem?

Update: My friend just had me “Forget the Device” from the bluetooth center on my mac, then reconnect it like new and that worked to stop the skipping. Sounds perfectly normal again.

Yep! I bought a pair of Bose :slight_smile: