Soundcore P2 - only one ear bud works at a time

The earbuds worked well for a week but now I can only get sound out of one ear at a time. It appears they are operating as independent bluetooth receivers and not as a headset.

If I use them normally (take them out of the case at the same time), both make power-up chimes and give the “battery high” message but only the left ear makes a pairing chime and “P2-L” bluetooth device appears and then sound only comes out of the left-ear bud.

The right earbud will eventually power-down. If I switch it on again, the “P2” bluetooth device appears but if I connect to it, the sound moves from the left-ear to the right.

I get this behaviour on two different devices (iPhone 7 and a PC). No pattern of forgetting devices or power-up / power-down sequences can get them to work together anymore.

I have tried an 8-sec hold-down for a factory reset but I don’t see any evidence that they have reset and I don’t see any behaviour change.

Any ideas or do I have to return them?

follow this to reset your earbuds


Perfect! They are working again.

Thank you very much Tank.

Glad to have helped

This did not work for my headphones. (Soundcore Life P2, model A3919) I followed the video. When I place both headphones in the charging case and hold down the button, they just power down. The red light flashes once and they turn off. These are now useless, and I have to purchase new headphones. Waste of money.