SoundCore not working with Aux cable

I’ve had my SoundCore speaker for about a year and have had no problems with it until now. I usually use it with my laptop which is not BlueTooth enabled so I use the Aux cable. For simplicity and convenience, I use the cabled with my phone as well and have gone back and forth with no problem in the past. However, since the last time I used it with my phone, I am no longer getting any audio when connecting to either my phone or computer with the aux cable. Have tried different cables with no success, so it’s something in the speaker. Anyone have any ideas?

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Make sure it’s fully charged, try using a different cable to charge it and also try a different auxiliary cable. If all else fails reach out to with your order number/ serial number and any steps you have taken to try and remedy this and they will be able to further assist you

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Hi @outback56 , outside of what @elmo41683 has already suggested it might be worth checking the aux port for dust and/or debris that could be preventing a connection with the several aux cables you mentioned trying. Outside of that, you would be best to contact with your purchase date, serial and troubleshooting steps taken to assist you further.

I have three of these speakers and the 3.5mm earphone jack has never worked on any of them. I’m just wondering when Anker is going to admit that it’s a “ghost feature” that is not really usable. One guy mentioned that his only works if the other end of the charging cord is plugged into his computer’s USB port. I don’t know about anybody else, but that completely defeats the purpose. I don’t need a bluetooth speaker when I can plug directly into my computer’s ear phone jack. I’ve read several of these blogs and it’s ludachrist what I’m reading from these so called “troubleshooters”. It’s all nonsense. The earphone jack simply doesn’t function. Case closed.

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Found this thread because I too can’t make my Soundcore Select aux jack work all of the time. But I think I figured out what’s going on and how to make it work.

When the aux signal was dropping out it always looks like the speaker is searching for a bluetooth pair. After pushing the buttons a lot the speaker sometime plays, then drops out, again looking for a bluetooth connection.

So I paired my phone with the speaker but sent it no audio from the phone. Instead I provided audio through the jack, no dropouts!! As a test, I turn off bluetooth at my phone and the speaker looses the audio and begins searching for a bluetooth connection. Re-pair with the phone and aux jack is fine again.

As a long time system designer, and knowing how design teams work, I suspect this is a fundamental problem with the Soundcore use cases. They have prioritized connecting to bluetooth over the aux jack. When unpaired they worry first about a bluetooth pair and won’t feed the audio in until they have a pair.

I suppose there are some use cases when a user leaves a cable connected to the aux jack (laziness) but the user actually wants the speaker to get its audio feed over bluetooth.

If this operation is as they intended, bad on them for not documenting it in the user manual. If the operation is not what they intended, bad on them for uncontrolled design. Either case, sounds like bad on them.

What say ye Anker?