Soundcore Motion+ wired stereo

That might be true for now, but I see no reason or any difficulty to change that in an update to the applications , it should be simple and straight forward. since they included the option to use the speakers with an aux port and not bluetooth only, it just makes sense to do so.

Then Anker should also add that feature, it’s not hard to do and it’s not restricted to hardware, even though I won’t be using it much but I like to know it is there when I do want it.

I use it via bluetooth only.
The mp3 player is “Banshee”
I am sure that vyou can use use it via bt under MS or MacOS.

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I had the same question. So many thanks for your post of options @tonyhunter8!
I use option 2. Both speakers are in stereo mode linked. On the ‘main’ speaker i have chromecast audio via 3.5 jack cable.
This works absolutely fabolous icm with Spotify casting to the speakers!
Great sound!

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If using option 2, is there then a way to send a signal to a seperate powered subwoofer as well to create a sort of 2.1 setup even if it has no dolby decoding etc.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You mean have 2 other aux cables into those red and blue channels? As they’re female. And into each speaker? What about them pairing with each other? Does this actually work?