Soundcore Motion+ static noise / hiss /white noise

just got my Motion+ in hand and there is a continuous “hiss” from the tweeters - independently whether I play anything or not, also independently from the volume - same static noise on mute or full volume.
I have the latest firmware installed, performed a reset (volume up + bluetooth button for 5 sec) and it’s fully charged.
It’s hearable from 1.5m distance, not only if I hold the device close to my ear.
Does anyone else have the same issue? Any solution?
Thank you in advance,

Hallo Benjamin
I got a M+ as well.
There is no “hiss” at all.
You should get in contact with the support,

I did. Customer service suggested that a bit of static noise is normal… which I doubt. They are going to send a replacement - waiting for it eagerly. I hope I just got a faulty device.
Thank you for your response!

Replacement device has arrived and it has the same hissing on the same level than on the previous one… :frowning:
I am disappointed…

I am experiencing the same issue. No matter when it’s plugged with aux or playing through bluetooth there is this constant static noise. Indipendently from the set volume.

I just bought my Motion+ today and it does the same: static noise independent from speaker volume, you can hear it from 1 meter away in a quiet room. Speaker is not connected to charger, so this is not transformer noise.

After that I have checked my Soundcore Boost bluetooth speaker and it seems it has the same type of noise, but is audible only when I put the ear to less then 20cm. Probably has to do with the fact that Motion+ is more powerful and has tweeters.

I have also checked my Oontz Angle 3XL Ultra bluetooth speaker that has the sound equally powerful and has tweeters as Motion+ . It has a static noise but is less audible, you can hear it from 40cm away.

Seems this is not an isolated problem, there are 3 threads on this forum about the hissing noise of Motion+.

So conclusion is: Anker you have a problem in audio circuitry design!!

I am old an may be deaf, :smile: but I can not hear such a noise at all.
Could it be caused by eq settings?

It do not has to do any with the EQ settings. It’s the same no mater what EQ settings I upload in the speaker.

I have measured background noise of my current speakers using SoundMeter app for android (phone Samsung S4). Microphone distance 1cm away from the case next to the tweeter (or the speaker for that without tweeters)

The test results:
Anker Motion+ = 38dB
Oontz Ultra 3XL = 36dB
Anker Soundcore Boost = 23dB
Test room noise = 20dB

I received mine yesterday and I must say I heard that white noise immediately.
There are ways to mitigate this issue, though.
The white noise level does depend on volume level. What I do is turn down the M+ volume to the minimum with source volume set to max level and then start to adjust the volume on the M+.
That way, the white noise is much less noticeable.

The fact that I use the M+ in addition to a 2.1 set of loud speakers with 3.5 jack splitter coming from source might help in my case

I got mine a couple of months ago and so disappointed with it. The hissing is so loud and I have it at my desk. OK when just on bluetooth and aux is unplugged, tried different aux cables - no joy.
Have written to and waiting to hear back.

Would love to know it anyone has found a solution.