SoundCore Motion Plus recommended charger

As I understand it, SoundCore Motion Plus is’nt delivered with a charger (funny isn’t it?)
Which Anker charger model is recommended?


You can use quite all of the ANKER chargers and other normal ones.
I charge mine with a normal

Anything 5V 2A will suffice which is nearly any charger. There isn’t a recommended charger as it depends what are your other needs, more so just avoid paying over the odds. Chances are something you own now as 5V 2A is fairly old technology, will suffice.

A PC port isn’t recommended as that’s usually 5V 1A and so slower.

The lowest cost charger:

And then work your way up from that to match your other needs.

Personally I have this for all my low-power misc needs, I plug my audio devices, watch, flashlights into this as all that type need hours to recharge but not much power so take up a low spec port for longer time.

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Anker has plenty of chargers to choose from :+1:

Thanks for the info. I understand that. I was more interested in knowing if Anker had implemented higher level protocols on the battery: is there use of USB BC or PD in one of their version? And if so which? Does the product employ a more basic and / or proprietary charging protocol? I remind you that common versions of the 5V 2A power supply are manufacturers’ own choices and that it is not based on any shared standard.

I dont really know, not such a specialist, sorry.
May be you ask the support for a better responding.
Or may be you get some hints from other forumners.

No it’s just a plain simple 5V 2A. Battery is too small to need any more.

…the specs are: Battery max 6,7 Ah, when power is off the adapter must be AT LEAST 5V/2A.
Yesterday I received a 5V / 3 A “adapter”. Do you think i can use it ?

btw: my HTC U11 cell phone has a 3 Ah battery and charges “quickly” with the orig 2.5 A charger.

(…old conversation…, 1 year ist old…, I say: No !)

3 A adapter ist better, charges more quickley. Battery ist not to small.

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I use here such one
Anker PowerPort 6 (60W 6-Port USB Ladegerät) Family-Sized Desktop
since many years and I am happy with it.
I have a small Nano as well.
Works perfectly.

I don’t own “modern devices” (Iphone etc.) :laughing:
So there is no need for any upgrading.

I have metered it, doesn’t go above 5V 1A.

The Motion Boom Plus does benefit from 3A, if that’s what you mean?

I use my USB-C chromebook charger since it lies around doing nothing half the time anyway.

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