Soundcore motion+ is reducing the volume by itself

Hi. I have a weird problem with my new soundcore motion+. Whenever I try to play some music or the video the speaker start to gradually reduce the volume until it reaches 0. I turn it back up but it turns it back down. It’s a bit unpredictable: sometimes it lowers the volume just a little and then it gradually lowers it once in a while. I tried connecting it to different devices, pairing it with my PC, adjusting the volume in the app but I always have this problem. Sometimes it doesn’t mess with the volume but more often than not it does. Super annoying since I can’t really use the speaker.

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Get the latest software update for the speaker from the app.
Try a reset.

Look if anything you’ve paired with has absolute volume set.

This issue arises with the Motion+ as it lets itself connect to two things at once when it’s not meant to. Absolute volume then on one connection then drives the volume up/down distorted.

The fix is to delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth, reset speaker, pair only with one device and full stop.

You mentioned PC, it’s probably the culprit, it has absolute volume set, and is reconnecting even when you dont know and driving down the volume.

Separate threads teach how to disable Windows 10 absolute volume.

That’s really weird. Contact support

Sticky button or switch?

You said its a new item, so its under warranty and you should give it back,
Contact the support with all dates you find on the speaker label.

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Finally i found the solution
Disable the absolute volume from developer options