Soundcore Motion+ : Got questions?



Hey so I’m one of the lucky 10 people that received a Motion+ to review. I’ve tested it for 3 days now and got most of what I wanted to say written down. I don’t intend on releasing the video for another 2-3 days to see if any of my feelings change and if I get some good questions that I could answer.

Are there any questions you guys have about the speaker that I could address in my video?


Great topic idea!

My question isn’t directly about the motion+, but it’s related.

Do you own any other speakers? So you can have a sort of comparison throughout the review?


Yup! I did a sound comparison between the motion+, Soundcore motion B, and Tribit X Boom to have a range of price points.


I will do testing and comparing next week : Motion+, Zero and Flare.
Though they got different shapes and prices; I suppose this could be done.
I will not create a video.
Some fotos and a serious comparing and reviewing will do.

You presented a test plan, so you know what you have to do. :grin: