Soundcore motion+ gaming delay sound

Hello, im a new for this motion+, bit late for owning 1.

The speaker sounds powerful, and for streaming video working well. but what bit annoyed me is, when playing some games, the sounds still has delay :frowning: not much, but still anxious for that thing. Or theres something idont know, about differences between video and games frequency?

it says this unit using aptx tech and my device is samsung note 10+ with aptx bluetooth codec too. Any answer ? Thx :slight_smile:

Have you checked if the speaker is really connected in that APTX mode?

Sure, i checked bluetooth audio codec setting on my device, it said aptx. When i change to another speaker, it change to scalable codec / sbc, depend on your speaker too. Have you ever tried to gaming with this unit ? The delay about 140-160ms

I am not a gamer, but there is always a delay via bt.
I see it when playing videos from YT.

Have you checked the delay using the aux input of the speaker?

There’s always delay as there is compression and decompression, to avoid move to aux cable.

The latency is phone and codec specific.

So you can try different codecs.

On Android, put phone into developer mode and then play with the settings, you’ll find Bluetooth codec options.


Try am aux cable

That’s an interesting spreadsheet.
Thank you for sharing!

Enjoy the day.
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But of course a beer after to relax! :grin:

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Nice Acceptable sharing and answer ! Thx…
Since i knew this information, i had a better sleep… :smiley: so the conclusion is, all speaker bt has a delay… the higher codec only reduce the latency, right ?

I tried with an aux cable… and its great… no lag… but 1 more thing… when i try to putting in/out the audio male into female jack, why i hear dashes sound in the begining… like electric short… but after that, no problem… only you put in/out the first… the cable is new, and the head jack no corosif… it is normal ?

When plugging in the aux male a little “noise” is normal.
Don’t worry.
If the cable is plugged in steadily, no more problems.
As you use the speaker at a constant place you can keep the cable plugged in.

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hum and crackle as you handle the cable is normal, it arises from varying voltages as the resistance changes as you move the cable, and from induction from your hand / body from anything AC nearby. Should stop when cable in and you stop moving it.

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