Soundcore Motion 300 Idea Suggestion - turn/power on the speaker via the app?

Would it be possible for a future firmware release for the Motion 300 to give the user the ability to turn on the speaker via the app?

Currently one is only able to power off the device by pressing a button via the app. Would it therefore be possible to turn on/power on the device via the app also? This would make the device much more convenient to use.

Never used such an app.
No apps with LINUX.:innocent:
But your idea is useful indeed.

First thought is that the Bluetooth module would have to stay on 24x7 with the phone connected to it in order to turn on; otherwise it wouldn’t be able to accept a signal. That would be a big power drain overtime and the unit would never be truly “off”.

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I have used Bluetooth speakers in the past with this feature and Bluetooth is a low energy module so it wouldn’t be a significant battery drain. For example I used to own UE Roll 2 which had this, I’m pretty sure in the recent UE Bluetooth speakers also have this feature.


I stand corrected. That is a nice feature!

If the phone is always connected
(Which is normal by those who really use it,
( I don’t, I am a Neandertaler :grin: ))
its a useful feature if there is really not much drain of the battery.
because WIFI and BT chips are draining battery of course.
I don’t know about.

I switch off these, when using my old tablet
(Mostly reading books)