SoundCore Mini 2 vs Mini 1 Video Review

I just finished up my video review of the SoundCore Mini 2 vs the original Mini. Overall, both are great speakers and users shouldn’t be disappointed either way. The Mini 2’s sound is a tad better compared to the Mini 1 with a bit more bass. However, if Micro SD playback or FM radio is important to you, you’ll probably prefer the Mini 1.

As always, I love to hear what you think! Thanks!

I also put together a quick comparison chart between the Mini 2 vs Mini 1:


Excellent review and comparisons as always Ryan!


Teach me your ways master, haha.
Good job and excellent review comparison.


Thanks, @ndalby, much appreciated!

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LOL, thanks, @elmo41683!


Great review and audio comparisons. They mini’s sound almost as good as the SoundCore 2 except for the Bass.

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Thanks, @Oggyboy! Yes, the Mini 2’s sound isn’t too far off from the SoundCore 2, just a little less bass.

Great review Ryan @TechnicallyWell, yes I thought the Mini 2 sounded similar to original SoundCore (both being 6W output). I’m so impressed with it and Dot compatible, which is a bonus for my use :grin:

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Thanks, @Blotch! You’re right: the Mini 2 makes a great companion for the Echo Dot :thumbsup:

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Great video review!

Great review and comparison video. :clap:t2:

I’m gonna be testing the waterproof capabilities soon myself.

Thank you, @doris4jin!

Thanks, @k_pug2003! If you have the volume turned up when you test it, watch out for water squirting out of the top of the speaker when you pull it out!

Lol will do :yum:

A comparison is always good, well done job.

I would like to do such a comparison of the B*se soundlink mini and the ANKER Pro +
Still waiting to catch a Flare, the third candidate, but unfortunately only US and UK are able to win one.

All others are “banished” :weary:

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good job!! nice video review!!

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I own an original mini 1 and a motion b for awhile now and still can’t believe the sound so thought I’d add the mini 2 to the collection. It arrived today and after reading the reviews I was expecting something at least on par with the mini 1 but the sound is terrible. Virtually no bass, the thing just vibrates is if something’s loose inside but produces no bass sound. The mids are also distant as if they are mistimed and are happening behind other sounds. Either this speaker is faulty or it’s just a poorly executed design. Maybe the addition of waterproofing had ruined the sound.