Soundcore Mini 2 By Anker (Review)

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Key Features

  • 6W speaker with BassUp (1W improvement over the Mini 1)
  • IPX7 Waterproof rating, allowing for complete submerge for up to 30 minutes at 1m depth
  • Bluetooth 4.2 + EDR giving up to 20m / 66ft range (with line of sight)
  • Internal 1850 mAh Battery for up to 15hrs playback - depending on content and volume
  • 2-3hrs charge time via the 5V/1A micro USB input (yes…micro USB :wink: )
  • Built in microphone for hand free calls
  • Auxiliary input
  • Built-in controls for Power On/Off, Play/Pause, Vol Up/Down and Bluetooth control
  • True Wireless Stereo capabilities with pairing to another SoundCore Mini 2 - speaker paired to phone act’s as the master, splitting left/right audio signal to the secondary paired speaker (slave)
  • Removal of the FM radio and microSD card slot for device standalone playback


  • Improved audio with fuller tone
  • Better bass
  • Waterproof (submerge)


  • micro USB for some
  • current price point make’s it more expensive than SoundCore 2, which has stereo and water-resistance features


  • Good speaker with improved tone and bass compared to the version 1 and nano however current price point would likely make some wait or go for the SoundCore 2 to stereo and water-resistance features at a lower cost of around £30 compared to £79.98 for two Mini 2’s.

First time doing a video review in over a year (to show off the audio and waterproof aspects) so try not to expect too much compared to some of our more ‘seasoned’ YouTuber’s :slight_smile:, hopefully should improve in the future :pray:

True Stereo comments based off mentioned test by @elmo41683 as I only had access to one speaker at the time of review (if this has changed or someone knows different on the method, please let me know to amend when possible)

Should you wish to jump straight to the drowning section, it’s around the 2min40 mark…


Good review. The handsfree calls works somewhat as the microphone is not being boosted when faint, you have to pick up the speaker and place near to mouth. But fine for hearing. I phoned myself and did audio test.

Thanks. Didn’t notice any issues using with my iPhone 7 and calling friends, no complaints from them at a distance of about 3ft, further away and your in shouting territory…

Great review @ndalby :ok_hand:

Great review, much better than my raw uncut video review, lol. I like the comparisons between the new and old side by side

Try phoning yourself, say your home landline and then mute the landline and speak into the Mini 2 from distance.

Mine becomes unintelligable sound at arm’s length, but sounds very good right next to mouth.

Wondering…if my unit dud?

Will give a try tomorrow…

Thanks @Oggyboy @elmo41683 Think I will need to work on the mic and such for future reviews though…

Very nice review and video!

I like the bullet points very clear!

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Didn’t think there was anything wrong with the mic. What did you use? A mic or just your phone?
It’s kinda weird hearing your voice because we all usually communicate via text.

Man how do you think I felt doing mine, nevermind I was sick and I didn’t edit or spiffy up my video.

@ndalby and @nigelhealy I tested the speaker out by having my wife call me and I was in a different room. She didn’t even notice I was using the speaker as side from my volume being a bit lower than normal. Overall she said she didn’t notice and I sounded good for a speaker


Thought the same myself when I’ve watched other members reviews, though it’s good to be able to put a voice to a name :slight_smile:

Normally I would narrate as I was actually recording on my phone or camera but due to a noisy house and filming in parts I went the post-edit narration route using the built-in mic on my iMac. Just need to get the levels and distance right.


Great video review, @ndalby! It’s good to see that the speaker will float when in water.
You should do videos more often!

Thanks @TechnicallyWell & @doris4jin

With Amazon’s review changes the plan is to move more towards YouTube and posting here in case I am hit by the deleting spree’s, then post to Amazon once rush on review submitting drops…

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Excellent detailed review and video @ndalby :smiley: :thumbsup: Shame it doesn’t have the radio features like the original Souncore Mini (which I do use sometimes), but other enhanced features make up for the differences.

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Thanks for the review. Would have loved to see pictures, but thanks for the amazing video!

Anker generously gave out 14 Mini 2, plus is on the Power User program, and those received and had time to review have added photos.

which contains mine

If you want any more photos let me know and I’ll add to my review post.

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Thanks :slight_smile: The photos I have are presented within the video review but I will also add some to the overview here later today.


Why don’t you make videos earlier? You are talented in this aspect!:laughing:

Managed to give it a test this afternoon using landline and mobile, sounded fine at 5-6ft distance with the mic being in my direction, around 4ft with mic facing away. Going beyond that distance I could hear but certain words were are you said, unintelligible…