Soundcore life Q20 not turning on

Thanks you.

I have a problem where my SoundCore Q20 headphones won’t turn on or have any sign of it turning on when I press and hold the power button. I’ve charged it before and I’ve let it do that for a whole day and still, it does the same thing. When I charge it, the red light appears like normal, but when I try to turn it on, it’s like I didn’t even press a button. Could I please get an answer towards this?

Edit: I’ve even tried to reset it by holding the power and volume up button for 5 seconds and it still acted like I didn’t even press a button.

Are the earphones under warranty?
If so you should contact the support.

What about contact spray on / in the on/off button.
May be this could help.
Give it a try.

I remember this because I was successful with our old washer.
Same problem like yours.
Contact spray in /on the on/off button helped.
Its the best way to clean contacts and electrical connections.

Appears dead, you’ve tried all we’d normally recommend.

Hopefully you bought it in a manner to get warranty. Email attach proof of purchase, photos showing not damaged, and description of fault. My last warranty issue I made a video showing me trying to operate it and send link to it. I got a replacement 3 days later.

Normally they ask for unit to be returned but if you can show it is dead then they don’t always ask for a return (my last warranty the video showed it clearly dead)

Warranty is 18 months in most countries.

Hopefully you didn’t buy from AliExpress…

They sent me 3 different sets and they all had exactly the same problem. Obviously a design flaw. I have given up but would be fascinated if anyone has a solution!

This isn’t ‘unusual’ as they say, it’s a design flaw and it will self-fix, the first time this happened after a couple of days my headphones just turned on and then worked fine, but happens still every now and then… I doubt I’ll be buying another Anker product but it would be good to work out how to fix the issue. If Anker admitted it was an issue and provided a solution, it would be good for all parties.

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That’s software.
A black box.

ones creates an input for a program, doesn’t work.
One creates absolutely the same input for a second test, it works.

I don’t know any programmer who created a program
which worked perfectly after eliminating the usual syntax errors.

But to say it after working 50 years in the informatics science.
It’s not an “exact science” :joy:

That’s only true of stateless software where the only data is the input.

The higher end / newer Soundcore products are stateful, they store previous settings. As such they can be in a different state when receiving the same input.

Complexity causes failure.

Outlining one’s CV doesn’t help anyone.

Here’s the solution everyone else, disconnect the Bluetooth and wait for the unit to shutdown on it’s own, plug it in and charge, unplug and turn on.

I have exactly the same issue! So frustrating. I purchased these to be noise cancelling and they just won’t turn on. I have sent an email to support but I purchased these a while ago and didn’t use them because no travel during pandemic (these are just for the plane, I don’t use headphones any other time).

Seems to be a “total discharge”
No one should do that.

Keep them on the charger for a long time and “pray”.

The ON/OFF button is in the middle of the ± volume. The NC (noise cancellation) may look like the ON button if you don’t look close or read instructions… My former pair of headphones (JBL) have the ON/OFF button exactly where the NC is located on my pair…

Guess why I ended up here lol, I was clicking on the wrong button…
Hope this helps.