Soundcore life Q20 not turning on

Thanks you.

I have a problem where my SoundCore Q20 headphones won’t turn on or have any sign of it turning on when I press and hold the power button. I’ve charged it before and I’ve let it do that for a whole day and still, it does the same thing. When I charge it, the red light appears like normal, but when I try to turn it on, it’s like I didn’t even press a button. Could I please get an answer towards this?

Edit: I’ve even tried to reset it by holding the power and volume up button for 5 seconds and it still acted like I didn’t even press a button.

Are the earphones under warranty?
If so you should contact the support.

What about contact spray on / in the on/off button.
May be this could help.
Give it a try.

I remember this because I was successful with our old washer.
Same problem like yours.
Contact spray in /on the on/off button helped.
Its the best way to clean contacts and electrical connections.

Appears dead, you’ve tried all we’d normally recommend.

Hopefully you bought it in a manner to get warranty. Email attach proof of purchase, photos showing not damaged, and description of fault. My last warranty issue I made a video showing me trying to operate it and send link to it. I got a replacement 3 days later.

Normally they ask for unit to be returned but if you can show it is dead then they don’t always ask for a return (my last warranty the video showed it clearly dead)

Warranty is 18 months in most countries.

Hopefully you didn’t buy from AliExpress…