Soundcore Life Q10 Mic Issue

I have bought the Anker Soundcore Life Q10 recently. These headphones provide good audio and battery life, but I am having a bit of a problem with these. When I connect them via Bluetooth I can’t use them on zoom meetings but when I use the included cable it seems that the mic isn’t working I tried to do several mic tests and with different devices then I decided to look at the product page for more information and nowhere it talks about whether or not the wired mode supports microphone or not. I would be pretty disappointed if it doesn’t since I can’t use it wirelessly for meetings. If someone knows about any workarounds or any other method to get these working, it would be great if you could share that. It has been a quite frustrating experience to open up two devices (PC for presentation and also connect a phone for audio.

Thanks in advance.


We need to get a good writeup of the proven workaround we can paste here.

This Zoom issue keeps coming up.

Scroll down and every few is actually the Zoom issue.

I don’t use Zoom so I can’t write it but when a workaround is proven can someone volunteer to write up a clear step by step guide.


When using Bluetooth you have to first make sure its paired to your computers Bluetooth, and then go into zooms audio settings and enable/test the headphones and microphone

It might be Zoom but I don’t think it’s just zoom. I’ve had to exchange Spirit X because of the same issue on other video call services. Maybe @AnkerOfficial or @SoundcoreAdam can help us out. It really seems to be the newer products from Soundcore that have the issue

Can that be tested and verified and if worked then be expanded for noobs so we can reply with it?

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Still having issues?

This might sound silly but on some PC you have to allow certain devices access to you mic and camera. Could this be part of the problem?

It’s on zooms support page…

Thanks. That reads identical to how Cisco does it.

You either tell Zoom to use the local audio device, or tell Zoom to phone you and it has its own implicit hidden audio device.

But still does not explain why all the Zoom audio issues here in Anker community. A step-by-step for Zoom for someone with BT buds would be helpful. I can’t write it, so just asking.

I solved the problem. When the headphones connect to the computer, two devices appear, as soon as you turn off the “Headset” device through the Control Panel and leave only the “Headphones” device, you can hear the headphones in the Zoom software.

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I’m loving this headset, apart from the same issue with Zoom on Mac. Launching Zoom post successful Bluetooth connection will disconnect the headset.
Forcing Zoom to use the headset will result in very loud buzzing noice on the headset, making it unusable.
No problem connecting through cable tho.
Desperately need this to work on Bluetooth connection.

Even I am facing the same issue with with Soundcore life Q10. Its not specific to any communication software as such. But its a generic issue. I tested with Skype, Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. None of them work fine. Its the issue with Anker device which can either be a playback device or a recording device. Both never works.

But how about mic. Even I have observed that either the mic or the headphone(Playback) works. But whats the meaning if I have to be close to my computer for the other device. For eg. If I am using the Q10 device for playback then I will have to depend on the laptop mic for recording device/speaking.

I have the exact same problem. I have a macbook, a soundcore q10 and I can’t use the mic in online meetings such as zoom, skype and bluejeans ! I love the device but I can’t use it in online meetings, which is a big part of our lives now.

The Q10 connects to the macbook with no problem, but whenever I launch zoom or Skype or bluejeans, the connection drops. Then I again connect it. If i use the mic, it gives a very high crackling sound. If I don’t use the mic and only use it as headphones, no problem. The only solution I found is using the computer’s mic for the mic and using the q10 as headphone.

So, is the problem only for macbook users? If yes, then it means this is a problem with macos / catalina. If not, it is a problem of anker.

Are the pc / windows users experiencing the same issues?

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please help us @AnkerOfficial or @SoundcoreAdam

Please contact and they should be able to help sort out this issue.


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Glad you were able to find a solution

that is not a proper solution actually. because in that case you cant use the device as a full headset. you can only use it as headphones and then use the computer’s mic as the mic.

I noticed this issue is specific to certain OS. It works fine with Zoom on my older MacBook Air but running Big Sur 11.0.1 Beta. HOWEVER, I can hear faint crackling sound.
My Zoom & Teams issues are only happening on MacBook Pro with Catalina 10.15.7.
This looks like issue with driver. I can’t update OS on MacBook Pro as its controlled by company.
Interesting about disabling mic. I’ve yet to try this. Every time I test the speaker I always had the microphone one too.

You are right, maybe someone who more knowledge can help you guys