Soundcore Life Note: Both earbuds are not syncing with each

I am using the Soundcore Life Note for more than 2 months. It was working great till last night. Today morning when I tried to use the earbuds, I saw that both the earbuds are not syncing with each other. I am able to use either right or left earbud at a time but not simultaneously.

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Hey @Shekhar_Vaidya
Have you tried resetting etc?
If not, give the following a try:
Forget all Bluetooth connections.
Leave the case open and press and hold the button on the back for 10 seconds until they blink red 3 times.
Pop the earbuds into the case and make sure they are being charged with a steady light on the earbuds.
Press and hold the button on both earbuds for 3 seconds. The LED indicators will flash red 3 times and then turn white.

If that does work drop a message with serial number, proof of purchase and what you’ve tries so far and I’m sure they will step in.

Please let me know how you get on.

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Hi @paulstevenewing
Thanks for responding.

I already tried deleting the Bluetooth profile from the phone and also tried resetting the buds too but nothing worked.
Well, seems like I will have to drop the message to


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Hi @Shekhar_Vaidya
You’ve ruled out all that I’m aware of, its a shame that didn’t work for you.
The support teams are a friendly bunch. They will get you to a conclusion swiftly.
All the best.

Try forgetting both life note and life note L from your device first then turning off your blue tooth. turn your phone off for a min or 2. Turn it back on and why your phone is off you put both ear phones back in the case. After you see the ear phones lite turn on together In sync, You hold for 10 seconds. It will flash red at 5 seconds but keep holding don’t let go until the second time it flashes red. Then your phone should be ready to turn on. Go ahead and re connect like you never have and it should work. Other wise I would put them in the charge case and stick on charger and repeat that process. Best of luck man I literally just rebooted my phone and did this and it worked m

I tried the following step and it worked for me.

“Leave the case open and press and hold the button on the back for 10 seconds until they blink red 3 times.”

Step 1: Place both life note and life note L in the case.
Step 2: Hold buds for 10 sec (within case) until the red light flashes for 3 times.
Step 3: Pick the earbuds ( note life and note life L ) together from case.
Step 4: Pair with a earbud and wait for it to connect with the other.

*this would resolve the issue of Earbuds Syncing.


I tried this and it worked! Thank you :smiley: @fahizkalliyil.mfk

Sometimes when I’m using these earbuds one of them loses connection
Usually putting them back in the case for a couple seconds, then reconnecting fixes the problem and they both connect.
If you don’t have the case with you: tap and hold the earbud that lost connection (this should disconnect the set)
Reconnect and they should both work
Hope that helps someone!

I face same issue at p20i how can I fix it