Soundcore LIFE A1 - Left earbud wont play sound

Hello. I got my new Soundcore Life A1 today as a present.
I paired it with my phone, and everything worked correctly. Later today, when I tried to play music, my left earbud played no sound at all. It is connected from what I can tell, because I can change EQ for eg. by clicking my left earbud. It only wont play any sound - I tried to reset them/turn them on/off, I tried to switch devices (my other phone and notebook) and still no sound with the left earbud.
I don’t know what else to do, is it possible to fix this issue at all?
Thank you

If others dont have any solution of you issue (Sorry I dont own these earbuds)
You could contact the support.
Btw : are the earbuds fully charged?

Here are some potential solutions as well.

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walgreenslistens Wrote:

Thanks for update and quick reply, i found lots of helpful information here, Thanks a lot.

1.Clean the speaker part of bud with Qtip and alcohol. Hold the Qtip against the speaker grid to breakdown the ear wax. Do this with music playing and test buds in ear to listen for sound. Keep cleaning the tip until sound is heard.
2. In Bluetooth settings, forget buds,
3. turn off Bluetooth,
4. Separately, put buds in case and hold the back case button for three seconds until case outer lights go from flashing to dark.
5. Turn on Bluetooth,
6. connect buds to each other (they are magnetized at charging contacts and will stick together-remove outer tips and covers).
7. With case open, pair the buds by holding button on case for three seconds.

Cleaning (earwax and debris) is always the first solution.