Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro £99 Amazon UK - All Colours (23% off)

Nice little price drop on the marked price (or via Soundcore direct) for those in the market :slightly_smiling_face:


These can be more comfortable as less is physically inside your ear but correspondingly easier to fall out.

Quite a price, still, for something if falls out you can’t buy a spare replacement.

If you do go for these ensure you’re happy as they are now, likely all the firmware updates have been done as the developers focused next on the Liberty 2 Pro successor, they will cost more than £99.


Agree @professor
I also found the stalkes rubbed on my stubble and created lots of noise, moving it away from my face also made them feel looser.
For that reason I went back to my Samsung Buds.

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I still think the Life P2 is the best recommendation. Lose a £33 bud is better then lose a £99 bud. They’re very similar otherwise in reality.

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I do like the p2 as well. I think p2 have more bass than the other ones. I got the liberty air as well but really like the p2 a little better partly due to they look better than the liberty airs. Otherwise 23 percent is a decent price off.

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I currently have in ear/headphones:

  • Slim+ the round-neck wired with “wings”, I bought 2 sets 2 years ago, swap between them when being charged. I love them for never getting lost, just put around neck and can use them whenever and when not using just stay around neck.
  • Life P2. I found from these everything falls out, but these are £33 cost which fall out. I use them around the house single-bud when want to listen with one ear.
  • Liberty Air 2. The case is tiny, I keep them in my EDC bag, but they barely get any use, might dig them out attempt (and fail) to win a Soundcore weekly photo competition.
  • Q30. These are my fave and I use them a lot.

If I were to own nothing and start from scratch, I’d buy the Slim+ again (even though Soundcore is retiring them) and the Q30.

Q35 we know almost everything about them from Soundcore’s own publications (their FCC, their Amazon, their own site) and while I expect they’ll be highly reviewed, I suspect the conclusion is not worth the $ extra than the Q30.

So while this may appear negative, I’m saying Soundcore’s biggest competitor is Soundcore, a kind of compliment.