Soundcore Liberty Air 2 not disconnecting after I put them in the case!?

Did you contact support??

Connect the case to power and leave connected overnight. Ignore the lights.

Clean the buds and case connector with isopropyl alcohol, leave to dry, then check for debris.

Connect the buds in the case. If they don’t now do the reset procedure.

Wait til all flashing lights finished.

If they still don’t work, then email with proof of purchase, serial number, all faults and all the above you’ve already done.

Good luck.

Same problem. I have tried many ways and I realized that it works again if we plug in the charger for the case. So I think the reason is that the case runs out of power, so it doesn’t have the power to process.
Solution: charge your case and it will work again. Good luck!

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I hope this can help others :+1:

Doesn’t help - I confirm. Alcohol tried both inside and out, wiped and clean, reset, reconnected and repaired a couple or times - right bud is just not working. Read other threads and seems like a common problem for Soundcore. Disappointed.