Soundcore Liberty 4 NC First Impressions (Picture Heavy)

Hey! Hope everyone is doing well! I have been lucky enough to get to have tried out the Soundcore Liberty 4 NC as a gift from attending the Anker Recharge Event. Huge thanks again to @AnkerOfficial for inviting me it really was a blast to be there. Also, shout out to @Robert_Hoffman for trading colors with me so that I could have my favorite color blue! Shows the community is made of some of the kindest best people out there. (I didn’t forget you @Matt_Tabor you’re great too :slight_smile: ) With all those thanks aside I figured I’d use this post to show off the unboxing and initial impressions I had and have this be my photo-heavy post while my post coming next week will be my full review with more in-depth discussion. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of my abilities.

The Unboxing Experience:

The Outside of the Box:
The front of the box highlights the claim of reducing the noise by up to 98.5% and the 10 hours of playtime with 50 hours with the case.

The sides of the box have one side listing out a couple of the features and showing the change in playtime with ANC 2.0 on

The back of the box has a further breakdown of the specs of the earbuds.

A slight touch that I loved was the seals on the box have little messages highlighting that they are not plastic which if you wanted the anker recharge event you would have heard a lot about Anker’s dedication to being more eco-friendly.

Inside the box:
Upon opening the box the earbuds are wrapped in a small piece of paper that shows how to open them by pressing the button on the front of the case.

Underneath the earbuds are the standard papers that come with any Soundcore earbuds including the quick start guide.

Under that is the variety of ear tips that have a paper cover similar to the paper wrapped around the case. there is a nice pull tab making it easy to get to the ear tips underneath. It also comes with a USB C to USB cable for charging the case.

The earbuds in the case have little stickers blocking the charging pins so make sure to remove them before trying to charge. My earbuds and case came fully charged out of the box.

First Impressions and Thoughts:

I thought it was an interesting case design having the user push a button to be able to access the earbuds. The original concern was that the case couldn’t be opened with one hand but that proved to not be the case. The magnets in the case that hold the earbuds in are really strong like surprisingly strong how aggressively they hold the earbuds but I kind of enjoy that since I don’t have to worry about the earbuds falling out. Another thing to note is you don’t have to actually press the button to get the case to open you can technically just push the top of the lid to get it to open since the button seems to just move the magnet internally away and doesn’t actually undo any latch holding the lid shut. This reassures me a little that if the button ever breaks you can still open the case but it is an interesting design choice.

I don’t love that this opening mechanism makes it a little different from what I am used to when my earbuds sit open on the desk but it will take some getting used to that the lid props open the case more than I am used to. The light at the bottom of the case changes colors when the case is really low giving you a visual indicator when you need to charge the case but no actual indication of how much battery you have unless you check the app. This doesn’t bother me personally but something to note for those who look for some percentage indicator on the case.

When you open the case the earbuds light up which I do kind of enjoy it creates a nice user experience and makes it easy to see if the earbuds are charging, pairing and just where they are if you are in the dark.

I like how the earbuds fit me personally but everyone’s earbuds are different so take that how you will. They kind of remind me of the life p3 that I have and quite enjoy how they fit. This leaves me optimistic for long-wearing sessions as well as having a nice seal which will help with the noise canceling whether enabled or not it should block out a lot of ambient sounds or at least muffle them.

I am most excited to fully test the noise canceling as that is a priority to me as well as the battery life. I love that these have wireless charging and claim to have amazing battery life which for me having earbuds that can keep up with how often I need them would be amazing!

Just some more photos :slightly_smiling_face: :

(guess you could say these earbuds are out of this world :laughing:)

Let me know if you end up picking these up or if there are any questions you hope I answer before I come out with my full review. If you want to get these yourself you can get them on either Amazon or on the Soundcore site and they come in a variety of colors besides the light blue that I have them in.

USA links:

Stay tuned for my full review coming in about a week when I have time to use them a little more to put together a full review for all of you.


Absolutely fantastic photos you took, Kaitlyn.

I know you will do a honest and perfect testing.
Enjoy the earbuds and keep us informed about.
(sound , battery lasting, connectivity and so on).

Enjoy the week!

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Really fantastic photos you took, Kaitlyn.

I know you will do a honest and perfect testing.
Enjoy the earbuds and keep us informed about.
(sound , battery lasting, connectivity and so on).

Enjoy the week!

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Thank you! Looking forward to your review.

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Appreciate the share… A good gift for the attending of the Anker Recharge event.

Was that part of the outdoor bag (or whatever it was called at the end of the event) or was something extra that was gotten from the event…

Awesome job!! Love all the pics. Congrats on getting a paid at the event :slight_smile: I’m really interested in getting a pair of these. My current airpods are pretty toasted.

Stellar job on the pics and first impression. I really like the overall look from the boxing to the actual unit. I’m on the fence about the opening and closing of the case though. Only because I like the sound and feel of the sliding lid on my older Liberty. It’s like a fidget toy. Hehehe. I love blue, it’s like pearl blue. Thanks for sharing the pics and your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the post. I have ordered the same light blue color L4NC which has shipped today.

I am not a fan of stick as so far they all fall out (P2, LA2, chunky non-stick Neo) but the X10 worked for me due to the non-stick + over-ear hook. So I may return L4NC forthwith if that don’t-fit-and-fall issue is with the L4NC.

I’m curious as to the L4NC ANC performance.

I’m working now again, as a consultant, and spent last night in a hotel, the hotel’s A/C was bust and it was hot so I took the bedding off the bed and slept under the open window til 4am, with a borrowed fan pointing at me. The X10 ANC worked brilliantly. The X10 I had worked a treat the fan noise blocked and the traffic noise outside blocked superbly. But I know the X10 does a bad job with higher pitched noises, like children’s voices.

I’m eager to experience if the L4NC ANC is better than my X10. If it can block all of bass and high and if it can do the basics of not fall out every 10 seconds, could be a winner for me.

Also on battery life, my X10 has quite bad battery life which I mitigate with mix of single-bud and I own two sets and swap. So hotel life is swapping sets mid-night. If the L4NC can double that then great.


Look what postie delivered.

I chose this colour as it’s easier to see if I drop one.

At time of order I saw next next day for black or white and August for other colours and this one wasn’t available for Amazon locker. There was a discount code worked in both Amazon and Anker sites. I got an estimated date of August 8th.

Then yesterday said shipped and a date of August 5-8th and then a knock on the door just now.

I didn’t believe the August dates as I thought it was a way to make people wait and buy the non black/white colours at a higher cost when the discount code had expired.

I was right.

I’ll play with these later.

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They’re amazing the “find my device feature “ meaning I dropped an earbud, I can’t find it ! Hit the button & it beeps loud enough to find it , I lost an a40 bud as it fell out of My ear and rolled somewhere, 3 months after owning (sucked ). I’ve definitely started switching to the “stem” style over purchasing in earbud as soundcore has continued to improve the design of stem style products and have made them Much more comfortable and s. I love the case , cool design but also no trouble getting the buds to charge in the case , like back with my
Liberty 3. Pros I’d have to wiggle one bud around until the charging light came on. I still have them they still sound amazing. But they’re way too bulky and heavy on my ears after a couple
Hours my ears will get sore from the “bud style “ (still sounds amazing and I still. Use them From time to time)
What else do I like … I like the Liberty 4s too they’re both on my
Night stand i rotate because I’m
A. Sucker for the spatial audio effect. Other than that the case is nice the battery is long and the bass sounds great. 2 great pair of soundcore buds