Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro Microphone doesn’t work with Whatsapp Voice notes & Phone Built in Recorder.

I recently bought your device, and everything works perfectly. The only issue I have is that I can’t capture voice notes or audio recordings from phone apps. Normally, all earbuds should have this feature, but it’s incredibly annoying because only the microphone works while a call is being placed.
I am using a Xiaomi 11 light 5G NE, so kindly provide a solution.

Do not use those… check the BT and cog wheel and make sure the mic is on. If it is not, you can turn it on and try again. Unsure if it will work or not. Plus, you should check the app setting as that could be a function that needed turned on app???

I’ve tried numerous solutions from Google and YouTube, but they haven’t helped; nevertheless, when I tested them on my friend’s iPhone 13 Pro Max, they were working, and everything had been recording from applications, but on Android it doesn’t work, i hope the make an update for Android Users and not only for IOS.
thanks for the feedback.

The same issue with my new P40i.
Is there any solution?