Soundcore Liberty 2 pro… do they connect to multiple devices simultaneously

Does anyone know if the Soundcore Liberty 2 pro are able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously without ant manuel manipulation?


The only way to connect to multiple devices is if you manually connect one earbud to one device and the other to your second device. Otherwise you would have to disable the first device before connecting to your second device

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Hi! Just got my Liberty 2 Pro today and still admiring the packaging :grin: If we connect earbud-A to MacBook Pro and earbud-B to iPhone Pro, do we still have stereo sound from both earbuds or just the mono sound from respective devices?

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Just mono sound

Damn! So close to perfect…

Not sure why soundcore didn’t add multi connect to the earbuds. After all, they did add this function to cheaper earbuds (spirit 2)

Wish if that can be done by a firmware update

I have found a way to make it work for me. I like to have one bud connected to my work computer (conference calls and listening) and the other to my phone (music and personal calls).

After resetting the buds, I took out the left bud and paired my computer. I then walk away with the right earbud still in the case (and I mean like 100 yards because these things have great connectivity). When far enough away so that the left and right don’t sink to each other (keep putting it back in the case to reset if it does this), i pair the right earbud to the phone. Then walk back to my computer.

If I want one device to come through both, I turn the bluetooth off the one I don’t want. Put the non-playing bud back in the case. When I take it out they pair.

Unfortunately if I want to go back to one on each bud, I have to do the walk.

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Actually you can, I tried it on liberty 2; it may work also in pro version

  • Turn on the Bluetooth in phone

  • connect your right earbud to phone(listed as “Soundcore Liberty 2” in paired device list)

  • Turn off the Bluetooth in phone

  • turn on Bluetooth in second device, in my case computer

  • connect the “Soundcore Liberty 2-L”

  • Turn off the right earbud using button on the top by long pressing

  • Turn on the Bluetooth in the phone and go to paired device list

  • Turn on the right earbud using button on the top by long pressing ; at the same time try
    connecting “Soundcore Liberty2” from the paired list (kind of tricky)

  • It will work, only problem is when I play the song through computer the volume is lower than
    expected. You can use any Bluetooth audio booster for increasing the volume.

  • You can hear full stereo sound from the computer, and it will automatically switch to phone
    on the arrival of a phone call

Thanks JoeW1. It works and yes you are right about walking. Perfect solution for me.