Soundcore Icon Mini (Review)

Anker Soundcore customer service was kind enough to provide me a Soundcore Icon Mini bluetooth speaker.
These are my initial observations about this product.
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Packaging: It comes in not so classic white/blue box. This time its a plastic box instead of classic paper box.

Contents: Inside the box there is the speaker itself (with already installed lanyard), a micro-usb cable, a quick start guide, warranty card and a happy/unhappy card. Surprisingly there is no user manual in this product.

About Speaker: Not much information is available about the speaker in terms of specs. I guess this has a 3 Watt output (Although it sounds much much louder - more like at least 6 Watt).
Input is 5V, 1A
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Speaker has a nice heft on it and oozes quality. On top of speaker there are 5 buttons which controls volume, play/pause, forward/reverse etc. There is a bluetooth button as well that is used for pairing with new devices or with another Icon mini speaker for stereo pairing.
On the left side there is a port cover (which seems waterproof) underneath which there are micro-usb charging port and a 3.5mm aux port. Under the port cover is the unit’s serial number.
On the left side of the unit is a small microphone port.
When the unit is turned on it makes a long turning on tune and a blue led turns on under the speaker grill.

Sound Quality: This speaker has a great quality sound. It has thumping bass response as well. I checked with my mac and it connects via SBC codec (due to lack of specs, I’m not sure what other codecs this is capable of). Bluetooth chip manufacture is also unknown at this time (FCC teardown pictures are still not open to public).
I’ll update once the teardown information is available. It does stream at 327 kb/s which is higher than many other bluetooth speakers/headphones.
Call Quality is also top notch…

Other Features: This speaker is capable to connect with another Icon mini to form a stereo connection. It is also water (IP67) proof and dust proof. I don’t want to do a water proof test :slight_smile: but there is another review that has done that Other Review Link
Battery Life: This speaker is rated for 8 hr playtime.

Based on the size, features and most importantly Excellent Sound Quality, I highly recommend this speaker. It is very portable and you can just grab and go. Take it for vacations, hiking, biking or other activities. Even swimming or outdoor activities are great with this speaker :thumbsup:

Wifey loved it…YAY!!! She’s not easy to impress


Thanks for your review and feedback on the speaker. Also great photos… and I love how you didn’t want to test the waterproofness of it either. overall great honest feedback

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Yeah, its a free product (no warranty) and I don’t want to take chances with waterproofing test :grin:

Reminder there’s a coupon on Amazon US so its $30.59 currently.

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Nice review… how did you get it for free though?

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Excellent review and pics. Can’t beat the “wife approved” seal. :slight_smile:

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Nice review…pics are great :+1::grinning:

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nice review

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CS asked if I’d like to try it :grin:

So they contacted you about it?

Great review, @kumar.sachin!

That’s generally what they do when they have products they want people to test out

Yes that is correct

Great review and pics. :clap:t2:

You should’ve tested the waterproofing - I know it goes against the grain but you would’ve been pleasantly surprised. :muscle:t2:

Generally they have a we love testing event. Not just ask someone on the community if they want to test a product.

I suppose you were “pressured” to take these! :joy:

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The we love testing program is different from the beta testing aspect of things. Stick around and you will see all the means that people get products


Everybody needs “things”.
I remember there was a photo show : “Kim looking at things” :joy:
So he is much more humble, he “looks” at things only! :wink:

The love testing thing is getting worse. It used to get you selected every now and then by saying you’d post a review in this community was enough, now they want YT and/or Twit and or Facebark.

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Facebark!.. Fakeboook… Zuckerzwerg’s data selling institution! :rage:

May be I should get a farmer as well:

“Congrats” and " Nice deals".
This seems to be the level, niveau needed here.