Soundcore Flare Delay


i just bought myself a Soundcore Flare, however i noticed a serious delay watching videos with my mac/iphone audiowise. Listening to music this doesnt matter for sure, watching videos is impossible though. According to the app the latest firmware is installed. Can anyone confirm/help me with this issue?

kind regards

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This is more of an issue with Apple products and has nothing to do with the flare itself. If you Google audio lag via Bluetooth headphones and speakers with Apple products you will see this is an inherent problem. My only suggestion would be to try and use VLC player where you can delay or speed up the audio to compensate for the lag.
Or use Android tablet or phone as they seemingly do not experience this lag as much or if at all compared to apple.
My apologies for the trouble you are experiencing either way.

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Thanks for your reply!

I also looked that up and came across such results. The remaining question however is, why my Bose QC35 work flawlessly with both music and videos on either mac or iphone.

Do you think a speaker with “aptx” would be better for my purpose?

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Honestly I think it comes down to not only the codec being used but also the type and integration of the Bluetooth.

I know on my galaxy S8, I can dictate the codec sent by BT.

Plus, it has a sound/video sync feature if there is an issue.

Maybe have a play in your BT settings, and see what you can find… Or search app store for a better than stock video player. … One.of the things I love about droid, is either doing something or getting an app to do it.

It was also one of the hates I have for iPhone, is the real lack of control n manipulation you’re allowed on your own handset.

Still doesnt answer my question why my QC35 work out of the box with both devices…

Today i had the issue that the Flare stuttered while playing music, had to restart it twice to get rid of that. Even though it was running on SBC. Any other ideas what i could look for or try?

Dear @Jonas_Scholz, Reagrding the issue you mentioned, normally, there is around 200ms delay when connecting via Bluetooth. All SBC coded Bluetooth speakers will have the same delay issue as this decided by Bluetooth technology and the device which was paired will also influences on this part. And there is a 30ms delay when connecting via an audio cable. But please understand the delay won’t affect the listening experience. If the delay affect the listening experience seriously,please contact us via for further assistance.


30msecs over audio in?! Your measuerments are way off… I just bought a pair of Flare+ speakers, I liked the sound of them and the price is very good for those features. But one purpose which I bought them for was out of the question when I heard the latency over audio in. I produce music, and need small portable speakers for it. When I play an virtual instrument I get less then 10ms latency over laptop speakers or over headphones. When I plug in my Flare+ in the same headphone jack and other end in audio in I get almost 500ms delay. 500!!

EVERY anker Item I own does this.

So why would they say 30msecs over audio in…makes no sense to lie about a thing everone can check easily

I have the same important latency in audio-use with the anker soundcore flare. I bought it (today) to amplify my folk guitar and it’s impossible to play with so much latency.

It’s a shame because otherwise, the sound is very good! I’ve got anonther speaker (cyclone 300); there is no latency with audio but the sound isn’t very good …


So, latency over audio in is around 500msecs…Anker, please change your specs

This delay is normal, because your mac/iphone / soundcore flare don’t have bluetooth 5 or maybe bluetooth 4, which have a little delay.

Mine is delayed using an AUX cable. It was split and was meant to compliment JBL Charge and a cheap speaker. If you play music, the drums will echo and the voice will feel like a second voice.

It is a bit disappointing actually since cheaper speakers as well as any JBL units don’t have this problem

I have an issue with Flare+, in 2021.
Is there any fix in firmware?