Soundcore Flare+ Cutting Out

My new Soundcore Flare+ keeps cutting out every so often and I already tried clearing my bluetooth cache and pairing again but it didn’t change anything and its kind of annoying that my brand new speaker doesn’t work right.

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Hi @Trent_Pipkin,

Sorry to hear this. Can you fully charge the Flare+ and check it again? Please note: the Bluetooth signal may be influenced by obstructions, such as some clothes, walls, pillars, home appliances, Wi-Fi, etc. To ensure a stable connection, we recommend avoiding such obstructions.

Could you tell us what device you use connecting your speaker?
Does this issue show up when the speaker is quite close to the item to which it is connected?
Thank you.

My flare + is doing the same thing I haven’t had a problem till I updated the firmware I use a galaxy note 9 now it won’t stay connected the update ruined my speaker and I can’t find a way to get the old firmware.

Weird, I have the same speaker and have no issues. Hope they can push out an update to fix your issues

I can confirm as well, have the Flare+ and since update 4.50 the audio would at times cut out very momentarily, and after some time of around 10-20 mins the bluetooth connection would be lost for about 1 min. Causes music/video to pause playback.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+. Tried restarting my phone, restarting the speaker, had it fully charged and still the issue persists. Only started happening after update to 4.50. Last update which was fine for me was around Feb. 19.

It’s unnaceptable to have the speaker be doing this when it was perfectly fine before.

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