SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker

I absolutely love this speaker!

I just connect it to my iPhone with Bluetooth and its ready!

Also, there is a built in microphone to answer phone calls!

It’s small and portable! I take it with me to my office, when traveling, or any other room!

They have gone above and beyond customer satisfaction!


That is Anker.

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@Miranda_Fahey Can you expand on which SoundCore speaker you are referring to? While reviews for products are welcome, a number of your recently started topics seem more like generic comments rather than a review of the item.

Could you possibly expand on some of them and include some pictures? It would make them more appealing to community members :slightly_smiling_face:


What model are you talking about?
There are many super speakers from SOUNDCORE.
More specifications would be useful.


Hi, sorry how can I receive test products?

Your best option would be the ‘We Love Testing’ program here;

You should give us a specification where you want to use the speaker.
Indoor, outdoor?

Anker never failed

I noticed that you have a couple of topic posts but none of them have any identifying information on the product nor pics. Could you please elaborate on them.


This is like the fifth post I read claiming much love for Anker products… All are like 5 sentences with no pics BUT I gotta give it up to @Miranda_Fahey cause she is spot on with the love!

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“Miranda” is a “miracle” :rofl:

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