Soundcore Arc vs Spirit X

So I was debating between buying the soundcore spirit x or the soundcore arcs. I have an iPhone so I was looking for Bluetooth headphones with the aac codec. Do the arcs have aac like the spirits do? Also, is the difference in comfort between the spirit x and the arcs a big difference?

You can read my review/comparison between the two Here

I can say after having and using both, each one has its benefits. If you wear glasses with thick frames, the arc offers a bit more comfort, otherwise the spirit x works just as good.

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Thanks for your reply. Do you happen to know if the arcs support the aac codec that iPhones use? Supposedly it is a huge deal when it comes to the audio quality that the headphones provide.

Yes indeed the Arcs do support ac coding as seen here, I have them paired to my phone right now

Thanks for your help!