Soundcore App: set a control for specific "ambient sound" mode.

I would like to be able to set one of the control (single tap, double tap or hold) to a specific sound mode, so thst whenever I need to talk to someone I can quickly go into conversation mode, or whenever I want noose cwjcleling I can use a specific control.

I thought about setting ambient sound for a single mode as a hack, but the app won’t let me. The way it currently works, you can only cycle through two or three modes, and you cannot set two different controls to cycle through two different sets of modes, which makes it even worse.

Would Soundcore team please add thst? It sounds like a very simple feature to implement.


Depending on the earbuds, I think a few pairs have the cycle feature but not for NC but those do not have app support…

May contact for a more detailed feature you are wanting.

Some features they have added to existing pairs or used it for next device. (,ie. Liberty 2 had 3 different controls settings before they went to new buds)