Something Big is Coming 👀

In case you haven’t caught on yet, we’re going BIG in 2022.

Big for tech.

Big for power.

Big for our products.

Big for the community.

Click the image above and tune in tomorrow at 9AM PST for the next Anker launch event!! Anyone have any guesses as to what we’re announcing?

Be sure to drop a like on the YouTube event if you’re looking forward to finding out (:

We can’t wait to unveil this one :fire:


Looks like a PowerHouse. Those side handles.

I could say more but I’d have to look if it was public first :wink:


A cooler with integrated speakers and charging station

Either a PowerHouse or a multi device charging station would be my guesses.

Shipping date in UK?

Or is USA only?

my guess is a new powerhouse but could be anything since there really isnt anything to tell size from the picture. Regardless I am excited but wont be able to attend the stream since I will be sitting down for a computer architecture exam during that time.

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A new PowerHouse. The new 3D Printer would have been nice, but it’s not the same shape.

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Yes a handle each side means it is so heavy needs two hands. Heavier than say an existing Powerhouse.

The shape of the curve under each side is roughly the size of an average hand.

So it is effectively “revealed” to be a heavy item around a weight to need two hands by an average western (as we are typing in English) person.

What is heavy. Thinks.

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UPS? Or another Powerhouse.

Is that the AnkerMake 3D printer on KickStarter?

New portable power station

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Excited to find out :+1:

Looks like it is something that is made of a certain type of metal, built durably, maybe a couple of ports, maybe not. Could have a high output, but then again it may not. Maybe it can charge your phone a bunch of times, but probably not. Could keep you out of trouble in the event of a POWER outage, so you can keep your HOUSE safe.


You are all wrong friends.

That’s it !!! :rofl:



I’m thinking it’s a brick… house… lol… mega power house?

It does look like a PowerHouse or some sort of boombox.

Although it looks like a big PowerHouse, it could be deceptive and it could be something small. The “Big” could be deceptive in that it is a big product in a small package.

Will be here with bells on. Not literal bells but should be around to listen to see what it is. :slight_smile:

Have no idea :thinking:
Let it be Electric Bike :smiley:

Something big is HERE!!

Hit the link to view the announcement :point_down: