Solix C1000 Car Port Shuts off when using CPAP with DC Adapter

I just received my C1000 Yesterday. I charged it up updated the firmware and decided to test it with my Philips CPAP machinelast night but unfortunately as soon as I breath through the mask and put load on the machine the C100 powers down and I get an E14 error that says it’s shut down because of overloading the car output. The rated output of the jack is 10 Amps and the CPAP can’t pull more the 8.66 amps and probably nowhere near that in real use. It exibited this behavior over and over. I’m thinking its some sort of protection circuit that is seeing the raising current draw from the machine and prematurely shutting it down. I put a support request in but thought I would try here while I wait to hear back. I’m pretty frustrated because my CPAP is the main reason I purchased this unit. If anybody has any idea how to fix it let me know. If It can’t be fixed I’ll have to return it.

I’m really sorry to hear this, @rya2. Mostly because I have no idea how to help.

I can confirm – which I see you already know – that the C1000 is suitable for the CPAP.

Can you share a picture of your setup? I’d like to see how exactly you have the CPAP connected to the C1000. If nothing else, it’s a place to start and it can help the more visual helpers among us here.

I have this same issue. My machine is using the official dc power cable for a Dreamstation 2 plugged into the dc outlet port and the other end plugged into my Dreamstation 2. The device works for less than 10mins before the dc power shuts off and I get the E14 error.

Attached is a picture of my setup as you requested of the other user.

Did you get an answer to your support request? I have the identical CPAP setup and the exact same issue. Normally I use a much smaller Bluetti to power my CPAP during frequent off-grid camping trips, which works perfectly for 2-3 nights. I’ve been using the Anker to recharge my EMTB battery, but for the last two nights I attempted to use the Anker C1000 to power the CPAP. It stops after a few minutes just as you describe!

Today 'i tried to update the firmware from 1.2.7 to 1.3.2, which the app says is available. When I click the button to update firmware, it takes me to the app settings, and the firmware setting is grayed out! Frustrating! Anker or OP, please assist!

I opened a ticket with Anker and they said because the AC port works that it is functioning they won’t replace it but I can return it. It doesn’t work on DC which means there is something wrong with the DC port. I get the feeling that this is an issue with all of their units of this model and without a fix they just offer a return. Sad as I really wanted this to work

I experienced the same issue on my last camping trip. After I returned home, I was able to update the firmware, which in itself was a bit of a struggle. After that I was able to run my CPAP. I only tried a short test, but the CPAP definitely was staying on and appears to be working correctly now.

If there is a problem with the DC adapter, I agree it needs to be fixed ASAP. May I ask if you are able to use the regular plug in AC ports?

I can use the AC ports without issue with my CPAP but with the power conversion, after one night the battery is down to 35% or so. Not great considering the size of the battery. DC is supposed to be much more efficient as there is no conversion necessary so I would expect at least 3+ nights per full charge.

Yeah sadly I updated to the latest firmware prior to using it so that didn’t help. The last time I tried the DC Port is ran for almost 30mins but it still ended up with the E14 error

Yeah something is up. I know we did a test with the CPAP (and others as well) and they would have gotten 2-3 days of using it for ~8 hours before the battery was dead. And that was using the regular AC port as well. I haven’t heard of the unit going down to 35% overnight. Maybe it’s a faulty unit and they can replace it?