Solix 30W solar panel

I know the “heavy” Powerhouse range gets the interest of RV and home backup power, but certain scenarios you’re having to walk out of a situation and still want power.

I have the Anker 21W folding 3 panel solar panel and to be honest it’s not been used as the weight of it is higher than carrying instead a larger Powercore which doesn’t rely on it being sunny.

For me to use solar when on foot I’d need to see a seriously light net added weight and a high Wattage when the sun is shining.

The underlying technology for what I want exists, there’s fabrics which are capable of creating electricity, not very efficient but 16% isn’t far short of the 24% that Anker is using.

More innovation please :pleading_face:

The biggest use I’ve seen for this is for long trail or thru hikers that may not have access to charge their power banks for 7+ days. Though, if you are willing to forgo usb-c then there are comparable panels (wattage) for literally half the weight. Not sure why this is so heavy, but glad to see them reinvest in this tech.

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My last backpack trip I concluded my phone’s 87W charger is by far the best way to handle periodic access to a wall socket complementary to a Powercore 20Ah.

I’d be doing the exact opposite of how I normally charge. Normally I’d keep my phone close to 100% and charge while moving off 20Ah Powercore and recharge the Powercore when near a socket. But camping I’d use the Powercore as last resort and use any wall socket for phone.

I can understand the days of no wall sockets asking for solar but depends where you live, I can go a few days of dull no sunshine, solar not reliable enough and I’d do longer walks when dull to avoid sunburn.

Haven’t looked at weights but if true then shame.