Soft pouches for power banks?

Bought a new 10000 PD, looking for a soft pouch/skin to put in the same pocket as the phone. Would prefer of course to have the Slim 5000, but it doesn’t have PD, which is a priority. So looking for a solution to avoid scratching the phone with the power bank.

Any suggestions?

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It should come with one!


All my Anker powerbanks came with soft cases


I’ve bought/given about 5 powerbanks and each one came with this pouch.
You could just put a skin on your phone to help protect it?

I’m a bit confused.?.?. Why didn’t it come with one?

both of my powerbanks came with a pouch.

are you sure you checked the whole box for it because its usually in there

Yeah all of mine came with one as well…

I am going to open my package tonight (yes, I’m excited :yum:) and see if they change any contents recently…

Yeah, they all come with pouches! They’re pretty awesome!

20100 I bought 2 weeks ago did not come with pouch and there is no space in package for it anyway. Only arrived with manual and cable. Last year when I ordered different one there was a pouch.

All of my Ankers have come with some kind of a pouch.

I’d be curious of a source for a replacement pouch should the pouch rip?