Social Giveaway + FUN News! Anker Hub Headed to Space

Fun news for us!

One of our hubs – theAnker 541 – is joining the crew on the International Space Station. So we’re doing a Space Kit giveaway that includes the Anker 541 hub, Soundcore Space One headphones and a Nebula projector!

Enter to win one of three kits today. Drawing will be held Monday, Nov. 6, 2023

I also thought it would be cool to share some space-gazing apps I really enjoy, so go enter and then come back.

  1. Sky Guide star gaze constellation finder Good with or without the spacey mood music. A few modes, including a night vision mode which is an obvious addition, but still nicely executed. Learn about the mythology of constellation, view constellation lines and view satellites.

  2. ISS Spotter hands down my favorite feature of this app is the notifications. It delights me to get the ding and think for a moment about what’s going on up there and how the planet might look to this international team of astronauts.

3.Co-Star Personalized Astrology. Hey, it can’t be all real science all the time. If Mercury is in retrograde, I need to prepare! The key with this app though is its use of actual NASA data, so it’s not completely junk science.

  1. The Dark Sky Calendar is a great tool, too. I like knowing what the moon is up to (lol). Their page “When to Go Stargazing” is a masterpiece if looking up is something you’re into.

Are you a space fan? Do you have some favorite apps you can share? Winter skies are coming!



Nothing new.:grin:


That Soundcore Glow blasting into orbit :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love it, Franz! Such fun images.

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Those were the old, great days when we had some competitions ,
creating funny photos and such photomontages.


I think your link is wrong.

My kids love using Night Sky

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Yes it is wrong.
Thank You Duane.
But because I avoid any of those unsocial media I don’t mind.

Let others do and being watched by our beloved “big Bothers”:grin:


I hear ya.

I was figuring not to have folks to search for it if they wanted to do it.

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Well this is how I started Astronomy. Not on apps but with a book and my own handmade little ‘long’ telescope with the help of which I stare moon on full moon. (Obviously can’t stare galaxies with this) . But app I have not used yet as Im waiting for my first telescope. But it is very interesting to see thuban, pole star in a clear sky. Nothing can give equal joy watching the limitless sky. So I prefer on telescope rather than any app. Actually I have not tried so far apps because I thought once I get a good telescope then I will use them, till then manually identify those beautiful patterns and the book by Michael Zeilik , The Evolving Universe is a pioneer. This thread made me to write it. Thanks!

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Google Sky Map!


double post


I remember once upon a time I was member of a special crew.:joy:

My hairdresser was not a perfect one in those times -
He came from a planet near Aldebaran.

@angelkumawat304 may know the name. :grinning:


Hmm hmm :smile: still looking handsome!
We call it ‘Rohini’. But this i searched just now. Thanks for info @Chiquinho
Have you analysed data in this field on your computers?

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This is next level editing ladies and gentleman!
Your anker featuring ‘space’ is fantastic.


I was always creating such jokes in the past.
Our admin wanted to know something about our space activities.
This is mine.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Talking about the coordinates @angelkumawat304 : I could ask our Mr. Spock.
But he died in 2015.
RIP in peace. Leonard.


It gives kids such a great perspective on, well, the universe!

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Great add!

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I admire anyone who will take the time to learn how to use a telescope. It’s got to be such a fascinating view. I like the apps because, well, they are easy for me to learn more. Like why galaxies and stars are named as they are. I love the tie to mythology.


darn it! YOU ARE RIGHT! Thank you for pointing it out. Correcting now.

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