Smart Scale P1 Launch

@AnkerOfficial when will the P1 scale make it downunder?

@AnkerOfficial when will the P1 scale make it downunder?

@AnkerOfficial would someone be able to reply to my above question?

Hi @Ads_Eufy,

I’m glad to know you like our product. But I’m sorry to say that Anker direct store doesn’t plan to sale the P1 scale in Australia.:cry:

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Is it due to country’s certifications or logistics for shipping / handling in Australia?

my 8 year old scale needed new batteries. I’m all set now :slight_smile:

Hi @AnkerTechnical,
Thanks for your reply. Is this because of the distributor that Anker won’t be offering discounts in Australia, even though Australia also has Amazon?

It is due to country’s certifications as well as the logistics for shipping.

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@AnkerTechnical certifications? Hmm doesn’t matter, I ordered it from the US and shipped it over. Not purchasing old stock that is off loaded down under. We can only purchase Anker products at inflated prices because of the sole distribution rights to a third party company. May want to look at opening downunder, it’s closer to China where the products are made.

I also hope that one day our products can occupy the Australian electronics market!:grin:


I also hope that one day Anker products occupy Canadian market ! :innocent:

What a coincidence… @AnkerTechnical and I have same Powerbucks $$…accidentally hovered my mouse and surprised to see that…:nerd:
What do you do with these bucks @AnkerTechnical by the way, I think you are not allowed to use it like we do :grin:

Though… only you can spend these PowerBucks, believe @AnkerTechnical will not be able to spend these per their company policy :frowning:

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Yes! I cannot do this!:sob:

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I am sure there will be change of heart for some events and company may let you / your team redeem these Powerbucks :thumbsup: for all the great work you do for the community!!

Does it remember weight readings even when the app is not open?

a balance should just tell the weight and nothing more :grin:

A balance has to tell you what to eat, what to drink, when you have to go to sleep…
And if you don’t obey …

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ha ha if you don’t obey then it will harass you till you obey

I remember a very old SF-story:
“The iron chancellor” from Robert Silverberg"
Think this was published about 1958.

You might google for this book.
Great fun, but so visionary!