Share your Favorite Dashcam Videos Here!

SO, we all have our dashcams, and we post our initial reviews, but I thought it would be good to have a place to share great dashcam videos. Whether you caught something funny, crazy, or just beautiful, I think we probably have made some great dashcam vids whether we know it or not. For example, here is a drive I took recently across the Montana-Idaho Border of I-90. I have always loved this pass, but now that I have a dashcam I can share it!

On that same trip, I almost hit a suitcase in the road, here it is, near the end of the video. I’m still waiting for the YT trim to process, so it might be shorter or longer depnding on when you see it:

I spent a lot of time on the road last week, and I have some more to share, but I thought I would get these out there and see if anyone else has videos of unique landscapes or weird road happenings to share with us!


I don’t have a dashcam, but I would love to see some more videos :smiling_imp::innocent:

Oh they are coming. It just takes a lot of time to sort through all the 3 minute segments to find the interesting ones :laughing:

Next time I get on the road I’ll be watching for purple suitcases lol

Yeah that freaked me out! I almost hit a bull elk a few months ago - like 10 ft from the car. I regretted not having the cam then :ox:

That would’ve been a cool video and I’m glad you didn’t hit it. Drive safely out there dude :thumbsup:

Me Too.
Hope More s1 Videos will be posted :smiley:

guys why dont active?

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30x video of a drive from Three Forks MT to Towsend MT - During a spring sunset :sun_with_face::full_moon_with_face:

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Check out the wind blowing the crops leading up to the wind turbines in this one from Central Oregon

A Drive into the Elkhorn Mountains, MT:

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I’ve been using the C1 and C1 Pro the past couple of years. I generally run the videos through a barrel distortion filter to remove the fisheye effect, remove the 1 second overlap buffer between clips on the C1 Pro (I use the 10 minute setting), crop to remove the dashboard, and speed them up. Here’s an example:

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Got a new one here - Sunset North out of the Madison River Valley!

Andone more 0 from a few months ago - driving into Hyalite Canyon:

One More sped up sunset video:

That’s a really well edited video - it’s almost like you are sliding down the road on your belly!

This is what it would look like to drive from St. Regis MT to Coeur d’Alene ID at 2000 MPH.

Great vids @gAnkster :+1: