Serious bug: Eufy 2K loses connection when works only with homekit!

Hi, just installed my 2K camera with homekit and after disabling internet access to be sure it is only working trhough Homekit secure video with my Apple TV it stopped working after a few hours and the only way to recover connection is with Eufy app.
My understanding is that a fully compliant Homekit device must work without internet connection just routing all traffic trhought my Apple bridge (Apple Tv or IPad for instance) for data privacy reasons.
Anyone knows if this is a normal behavior or just a known issue which will be addressed in a future FW release?
Data privacy is a big concern for me and in case this cameras won’t work properly with HSV I will return them.


Good Morning,

I have the same problem! It works flawlessly with direct internet access. As soon as you disable the internet access direct to the camera, and leave only with Homekit, it stops working after a few hours.

I have many other accessories and cameras from other vendors and they all work without direct internet access. It is obvious, as its part of the Homekit Certification.

I have 4 cameras and its doing the same in all of them, and they are located in different houses.

This must be a serious bug, as Apple certified Homekit devices MUST work without direct internet access from the camera, and only work trough Homekit!.

Please clarify this point, as if this is not fixed, will return all my cameras.

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I am also concerned with this problem. I chose these cameras instead other Chinese one because Eufy’s commitment with privacy.
I have carried out my own tests and my Eufy’s lost connectivity through my Apple hubs as well. At this very moment I am also thinking sending back my cameras.

Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased this camera , and one off the main reasons to do it was because I am really concerned about the protection of my data.
I was considering other Chinese cameras Brands who were almost the same price but I choose Eufy due to its integration to HomeKit and its home secure video and I am reading worried that all the information it’s not going through HomeKit , and through Eufys servers too.
I have tried to disconnect the internet to the camera and I am loosing the connection to it after a random of hours .
Why is that ? Why I cannot block the internet in the app, and let it work only with apple HomeKit bridge , and it’s Home secure video ?
Thank You !

Hi, i bought an Eufy pan&tilt camera too. I chose this camera for the brand and for the quality of the products. But using the camera I noticed that blocking internet connection, after a random time, it stops to work. I think that a product “works with HomeKit” must work without direct internet connection trough the HomeKit hub (Apple Tv, HomePod etc). I wrote to Eufy customer support but they said to me that the camera needs internet connection to work. This is a serious problem for the privacy. All customers who wants to use only HomeKit connection must be warned about this issue BEFORE purchasing the product. When i read “Works with HomeKit” I should be sure that I’m buying a trusted product. I also reported to Apple this problem…
Disappointed about this issue.

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I have the same problem, if Anker does not resolve the issue, I will return the 4 I have purchased. Thanks

Wish you guys good luck :+1:

Old thread but I will give it a try to see if someone from Eufy reacts.

I have a similar issue, can setup my indoor pan tilt to work with homekit but after a couple of hours connectivity to homekit is lost. Cam works fine from Eufy app.
I do not bock internet access in my case as I believe that is required as all Eufy data goes through their cloud.
Any solution or should I stop building home security around Eufy products?

Works fine for me with HomeKit, and I have the homekit devices blocked to and from the internet. The only time I ever allow outbound SSL from them is when they need a firmware update. Do you by chance have Restricted mode enabled? That will cause the devices to ping Eufy/Anker servers and if they can’t they will lose connection. I know it’s backwards. You would think Restrict mode means more secure.