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@Jems_Ford As previously mentioned further up in this topic, while you maybe new to the community posting links to unrelated and possibly questionable external sites is not permitted under the community rules.

It would be best to give the rules a look over to prevent future posts being flagged, which with repeated instances could possibly lead to your account being blocked by the admins. Thanks :slight_smile:


They really are!


SON of A! :astonished:


I’m gonna take advantage of these stills of glory and ask forgivness rather than permission…
…thanks for the new wallpapers! :kissing: :sweat_smile:


Hahaha enjoy!


Yeah, your welcome for the meme. It can be your wallpaper too? No?


Let me know if you can ship to Canada :grin:


Let me check the shipping costs. If it’s about the same, then I will. :slight_smile: I need to get the review done. It’s so hard to get these created when you have 4 kids and a full-time job. lol


well someone replied 46 times to this topic
That is insane :joy:


Let the kids create these.
Sometimes they have more and better ideas than we old ones! :joy:


Now, I see what you are saying… LOL :joy:


Its the fisherman :joy:


thats a neat feature. Could be dangerous for those of us who like to go for high score though…


You mean the happy? camper? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




The unsuccessful “fisherman” was not using the skills he has as a “techman”,
so he got homesick very quick.

A pile of comments had to be written! :joy:


We’re all anxiously awaiting the results !


I think they said end of May… soo a few more weeks of agony


I think it was… Email before the end of may?


Yep. Before the end of May