S1 vs. C1 Pro

I have the new Roav S1 dashcam. I also have a C1 Pro in another car. I am trying to wonder which is “better.” It seems like the only differences (from this image I found on the forum) is the sensor and that the S1 has 1080p 60 fps, but the C1 Pro has 1440 30 fps. Which would be the better dashcam to use? What would be the major differences?

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The GO ROAV website lists both models as 1080p, but the S1 is listed to operate at 60fps. I have the C2 in both of my vehicles and love them, but if I were to make a recommendation it would be the S1 at this time because it comes bundled with a microSD card.

Truly, you aren’t going to go wrong with any of the choices you have.

It is confusing. The C1 Pro actually has 1440. So I wonder whether 1440 30fps is better than 1080 60 fps. I have both, so the microSD card is not relevant for me (although it may be for a new purchaser).

You guys are both missing that the S1 has a Sony sensor. I don’t know the difference between these sensors but it can make a pretty big difference in cameras.