Robovac x8 multiple room mapping doesn't work - overwrites existing maps

I bought the x8 Hybrid back around Black Friday. It’s a great vacuum, except for the mapping functionality. Most of the time, it maps the room correctly, but when I take it into another room, it usually just overwrites and messes up the original map. I’m actually on my third unit as I went through customer service for about a month and a half where they sent me two different replacements. Apparently the second one was slightly different than the first (according to support), but I can’t tell how. All of them have had the same issue. This could easily be solved by giving us “create” and “delete” options for maps, rather than the vacuum just randomly trying and failing to figure it out on its own.

We went through a comprehensive set of troubleshooting steps:

  • Multiple maps is turned on
  • There aren’t any mirrors or other reflective objects in the rooms
  • I’ve factory reset multiple times
  • Reset map, try different rooms, rearrange rooms

This is a widespread issue with this vacuum that comes up all over. You can see it in the Amazon reviews and there are tons of posts about it in r/eufy on Reddit.

I can’t believe this hasn’t been fixed yet, as this is a major issue with a vaccum that is supposed to be “premium”.

I am using a simple 11S since many years.
No Apps no mapsl
The more software, the more errors.:smile:

Sorry I can give you no suggestions to solve that problem.