Robot Security

You have security and vacuum robot. How about having a security robot?

It would be neat to have a security robot that can drive around my office or my house patrolling. You can use induction charging and have a little charging pad bases pre-position all over your property .

And you could also have a security drone that flies around your house or business. Modern drones that you can buy retail have very sophisticated, avoidance and navigation. I can imagine having a fleet of small hand size drones, patrolling my property or my house or business . They don’t have to be big, they could have a limited range of a couple hundred feet from the base and they could also charge via induction charging. So you can have little bases pre-positioned all over the place where the drones could charge and watch an area. Then they can takeoff and do a patrol after a certain period of time or if it hears a noise he can take off and patrol the area. And if It finds somebody, it can lock onto them and alert the base.

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