Roav Viva - Any way to change volume of Alexas voice?

Is there any way to change the Alexa voice volume independently of the music output volume? I keep the Roav volume all the way up to match the Aux input level to the other inputs (Tuner/CD). I also listen to music loud. But when Alexa talks, she BLASTS out of the speakers. Am I missing a setting?

Just read through the Viva manual and I see that you should connect your Viva using the app on your phone and connect your phone to stereo either using AUX or bluetooth.

So my question now is, did you connect it using the app or bluetooth setting?

Sorry it is a Viva Pro. My car stereo does not have bluetooth, so the phone (Galaxy S9+) is connected to the Viva using bluetooth (yes, I have the Roav app installed and used it to pair) and the Viva is connected to my car using the Aux cord. I have to have the Viva volume all the way up otherwise I can’t hear my music or phone conversations, but that makes Alexa EXTREMELY loud.

Hmm that’s weird because I see no place where they specify how Alexa volume can be adjusted. There might be a way t o do it in the app but I don’t have a Roav device so not sure

I doubt you will be able to change the volume of Alexa. I’m guessed it’s tied to the volume of the music/speaker

I know this is a thread from 4 years ago. Try this: While your Roav app is open on the phone turn up the volume to max (using the side buttons). Do the same with Amazon Alexa app.

But here is what I did. I have an app from Google Play store called “App Volume Control Pro” that you can configure the sound volume for each app on your phone each time the app is opened. When you ask Alexa a question, that app is “opened” and the volume is changed.

I have a Samsung phone. It likes to put apps into deep sleep when an app hasn’t be activated on the phone for 30 or 60 days. I normally don’t activate Roav Viva app on the phone (it doesn’t really have many settings) so my phone will put the app to sleep and my car speaker volume is back to very low. So for me I have the Roav app in a group (that is 1 of 3 apps) that I manually open after each time I restart my phone. One of those other 3 apps is the App Control Volume Pro because I rarely go into the app to change settings. So I need to open it every month or so, so that Samsung won’t put it to sleep.