Roav Smart charge T1 in FCC



The newest Roav product has just entered the FCC, it’s at the early stages so not a whole lot of info about it yet but we do see it’s similar to their previous fm modulator…


I checked the list for new posts. Didn’t see this one.


I just saw this this morning and was gonna post about it but you beat me to it


It looks like an upgrade version of Roav SmartCharge F3


Yes, that’s the one I was referring too. I just forgot what it was called, lol


Thanks for sharing


So helpful for cars without built-in Bluetooth


Release is imminent.

Features & details

  • Boosted FM Connection: Stream music without interruption, straight from your phone to your car’s stereo system, via stable Bluetooth 4.2 and FM connections.
  • Crisp Audio: Static-cancellation technology works in tandem with a boosted FM signal to broadcast crisp, clear audio through your car stereo.
  • Hands-Free Calling: Bluetooth 4.2 establishes a reliable connection between your phone and SmartCharge T1, ensuring stable incoming and outgoing calls.
  • PowerIQ 2.0: Keep your devices topped up while on the road with Anker’s exclusive fast-charging PowerIQ 2.0 technology (compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge devices).
  • What’s in the Box: Roav SmartCharge T1, Happy Card, 12-month worry-free warranty, and our friendly customer service.

Roav’s SmartCharge T1 will be available to order via soon.


Now available on Amazon US at $25.99


Just spotted this on Amazon Canada:

$39.99 CAD


I like this and it will be a nice upgrade to my F0


This is nice, new product from Anker Roav, but most cars / trucks now come with standard Bluetooth connectivity, going forward dont see a huge market for this product.