Roav DashCam A1 for $36



Found a nice deal for those looking to get a Dashcam.


That’s a very good deal imho. Thanks for sharing!!


Nice deal :ok_hand:


This is a great deal. I have A1 in my wife's car. May be I can get it in mine as well :slight_smile:
Thanks for posting


nice price. I wish they would make a 2 camera version so I can buy it.


Coupon is only taking $12 off (not 20 as the deal says) ???


May be it was a one day deal? anybody else had any luck with this deal?


Same for me


nice deal, I've already got 3 dash cam. I'm waiting for their generation of cameras so I can upgrade my wife camera and add one to the back window.


Same here, bought one before knowing about Anker, will think about it when it is time to upgrade the first one. Nice to have both front and rear coverage though.