Replaced brush motor on robovac 11s, now it can't find charging dock

I replaced a side brush motor on my Eufy Robovac 11s. The new motor works fine, but now the system can not locate its charging base. If I put it close to the base and tell it to dock from the remote control, it pivots from side to side like it is searching for a signal, but it never connects correctly with the charging base. I cleaned the dust from all surfaces, but it did not help.

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There must be something wrong with the infra red sensor.
I dont think that issue is caused by the motor swapping.

My suggestio is to clean sensor

When mine can’t find the base its usually dust or something blocking the sensor. Give it a quick clean and try it again. Also might want to wipe down the dock. Use a dry cloth and don’t wet the cloth or the unit. I’ve had to do that. If that doesn’t work contact support.

I have the same exact problem after replacing my brush motor! Purchased an official one from the eufy website. It seems to work really well now, but it struggles really bad locating the charging dock now!

Did you clean all the front sensors properly?
I would take off the bumper again and take a look if there is everything placed perfectly.

Yeah, yesterday I took the entire bumper off again completely, cleaned all the sensors, and reattached everything. The bumper moves freely also, as it’s supposed to do. I even referenced a video online, showing all the cable attachments to the motherboard inside to verify I did that correctly also. Not sure what else to do, but eufy 11S is cleaning my floors nicely, it still can’t find home on its own :frowning:

Ok, seems you have all done what could be done.
I suppose to place the charging station at another place, will not help as well.
I am sure it has nothing to do with your replacement of the motor
if cables are correctly plugged in the sockets.

Have you sprayed contact spray at the sockets and the plugs.
That’s all which comes in my mind at last.
Sorry no more ideas.
May be others have new ones at the EUFY-forum where you could publish your inquiry

We’re you able to resolve this issue? I have the exact same problem with my 11s today too just replaced the side brush motor and now it isn’t able to dock I’m going to try reassembling tomorrow again but we’ll see.

Make sure that all the sensors are working properly
(cleaning and contact spray to plugs and socketes)

Unfortunately no, I was not able to fix it. I’ve been manually docking it myself. Sometimes it docks itself after running over the home charger repeatedly, unfortunately last week it ripped the right side metal charging contact off the base :sob:

Is it possible to repair this by glueing?
I would suggest to place the charging station at another place.
Really “free” 1m space on the left and right side.
Of course the vac is searching around a lot of time when the station can not be “viewed” by the vac.

I have exact same issue after opening up to remove a jam any fix?.

easy fix… motherboard has 2 sensors underneath… these must be straight and placed properly
in the sensor bar holes… remove motherboard make sure sensors are straight… clean holes where they fit in and everything will work fine.

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I had the exact same problem as everyone else is describing. Eufylife support tech nailed the problem as soon as I contacted him. On the bottom front of the motherboard are two small, square, silver sensors that appear to have a dome. Those are easily bent to where they don’t go into the square molded pockets in the front of the base directly beneath the motherboard.

bend them back to straigt up and down from the motherboard. Make sure they fit into the molded holes and your problem will be solved!

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Those hints are so important!
Many thanks.
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