🎗 Reminder of cables for 60W 100W 140W 180W 240W

I’m posting this so those not aware can read this before buying higher Watts chargers.

USB Power Delivery has safety features built-in so a cable is not carrying more Voltage or Amps than it can proved safely handle. As such the cable has electronics within which state their maximum…

The Power Delivery standard at version 3.1 increased the max voltages allowed.

60W cables are the common unmarked ones which can do 20V 3A.

100W cables you bought explicitly knowing these were 100W cables, support 20V 5A.

To go above 100W you need to buy cables explicitly rated for that.


So if you were to buy >100W port chargers you won’t get more than 100W unless you bought the corresponding cable. e.g. if you bought a 140W port charger to power a 140W supported device, you must own a minimum 140W cable. Any cable you had if it wasn’t explicitly stating any Watts would be probably 60W, if it said 100W is only 100W.

If minimum 140W cable is not bundled with a 140W charger you must buy a minimum 140W cable.

Anker does already sell a 240W cable which will do all current Watts currently for $35.

Just remember, check the small print, do not assume, and factor into decisions.



Appreciate the reminder…

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Good advice @professor
And to be fair it makes sense when reading, but I know its easily overlooked when purchasing upgraded/higher power equipment.
You would expect to connect your Bluray to your OLED with a scart lead, but many forget the connectivity!

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Good to know @professor. Great factors to consider when upgrading and such. Thank you.

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Excellent reminder! Thank you for the write-up!

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