Did Eufy find a solution to extend the wield range of their Homebase to camera network? I have a hb3 with 4 s300c cameras and a s330 dual cam doorbell…I can’t get a good signal on all cameras… If I move the hb closer to the back garden cameras, I lose the front garden cameras and doorbell… and vice versa!!.. is there an extender or mesh solution or did Eufy agree to supply an extra Homebase to service the cameras around my modest 4 bedroom home?.. if not, as I only purchased 3 weeks ago, the system is going back for a full refund (almost £1000 in total)!

I don’t believe there is a Eufy wifi extender currently. However, I have heard that you can use more than one Homebase for different devices. For example, you could connect the HB3 to your 4 cameras and separately connect a HB2 to your doorbell. This would essentially allow you to place the separate Homebases in separate areas of your home where all devices would be getting the proper signal.

Again, I haven’t tried this yet, but I’ve been told that it is very possible. Please report back here if you have any other solution that you decided on.