Quick poll - USB-C or no? (Facebook poll)



Anker has told us several times that the primary reason USB-C is not included in more of their products is because, through their in-depth market surveys, they have found that the vast majority of consumers still use Micro USB.

Anker recently created a poll on their Facebook page to grasp a better understanding of the situation in 2018.

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Final results:

7 Days

Saw the poll earlier & voted for USB-C. I feel like ditching micro would make a whole lot of consumers happy, and maybe increase their exposure. ("…increase their exposure" isn’t what I wanted to say, but the best way I could think of saying what I was thinking.)


To be honest though, most people don’t buy new phones every year, and if you look at the numbers, most (non-apple) consumers are still on micro-usb, the reason this is so skewed is because the enthusiasts (like us) are the main demographic that would be looking at their Facebook page, as well as buying new phones every year.


In 2018, you don’t have to buy a phone every year to have a phone with USB-C. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 was one of the last flagships released with Micro USB, and even that was back in early 2016…


True, but just about all the budget options out there are still on micro, and a lot more people than you would think are still on phones 3, or 4 years old, or even older. More people are on micro than you think, although it is getting phased out. Also, just about everything other than phones is still on micro. So there is that.


So for those people, Anker already has a very wide selection of products to choose from with Micro USB. The point is that most, if not all, of their future products should use USB-C.

This is the issue that needs resolved, and Anker can help push it.


Ok, I was writing my previous post quite fast. Let me clarify. I am a proponent of USB-C, and want it to be spread to more devices. All I was saying in my OC was that the Facebook poll was quite unrepresentative of the smartphone population.


Not hard to guess the results of this poll but the interesting part will be the implementation speed once the foregone results are in (taking into account the current timeframe of design thru beta testing to FCC, I’m guessing 2019/2020 :grin: )


I guess sometimes tech companies have to take the hard decision to just “pull the band-aid”. If the costs are similar - and thus no extra expenses would be passed to the final consumer - every new product should have USB-C.


Microsoft walked back on the USB-C which is a big mistake, other companies may take it as a way for them to keep using older tech. But USB-C is truly better going forward and everyone needs to embrace it


The Majority of users use micro USB because they have to. Stop putting micro USB ports on new devices and consumers will follow. For a generation or two of your devices, include a micro USB to C adapter and everyone will be happy.


Totally agree. Absolutely not a doubt that usb c needs to be on everything. Including iPhones.


At least USB-C to Lightning and fast charger included in the box with cables open to MFi certification…


Or they could stop making donglebooks and donglephones, as well as stop ripping people off.


Final results are in:


2,924 votes for USB-C🤔 not even close. Time for Anker to pull the Band-Aid and Lead the Way instead of following.