Question for Everyone 🤔

Lol no they seem a little active which is nice compared to the lack of posting that was going on for a while before

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Hello? Anybody here? Crickets

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hello!! I still check in every once and a while

Don’t forget to lay down a wreath on this grave. :rofl:

Yep the cynic in me seems to have won out…so far :rofl:

Better than cynic is sarcasm.

Cynic is often strong and harsh.
Sarcasm is more humorous and funny.

That fits better on us, doesn’t it. :rofl:

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Excited to see things ramp up…excited to see what’s to come and hopefully breathe life back into this amazing community.

No clue at all Im hopeful though even if mason hasn’t been on as much seems Anker official

the community just kinda stays in limbo…loyalty of customers has tendency to go… Also the fact that loyal community members (who have posted more)

I’m still here just been busy with life but dontplan on leaving any time soon


Of course we will stay here.
How are you Kaitlyn?
Studies finished?
Got a good job?
I am always the same an old man retired! :laughing:


Yes I did finish my studies and got my bachelors in computer engineering.
I was fortunate to get a job as a software engineer and have been loving all the learning I have been able to do since getting the job. Always learning is the best.

Hope all is well with you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Good to hear this!
I was always happy to get response from my students when they found a job and liked it.
For a software engineer its quite easy to find a perfect job all over the world.
You could think about to work in other countries as well.
Eg our daughter studied in France for a year,
Our son is now in Boston to finish his studies.

All is fine here in München, though winter is back.
Don’t like the snow here, had enough in my youth born in the alps.
Was so beautiful here last week ca 15C, but now ca -4C
Hope all the plants will not be killed by that frost.-

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Im here counting the tumbleweeds as they go by…



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Always know that we NEVER stop learning. I have been working since exiting high school in 1980 (I did not graduate, I was a lousy student) and learn new things all the time, both out of necessity and curiosity. Keep at it and keep striving to learn new things…even though they may not seem important at the time.

Way back as child, I took things apart to see how they worked…I didn’t always get them back together but it was a slow learning process and helped me develop my skills today.

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How many have you counted so far? :rofl:

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I have a lifetime of accidental learning.

I learned math to graduate level then had to solve a crack propagation problem so learned metallurgy, structural analysis. Then the sliderule was too slow so got a computer, which was too slow, so had to write a business plan justification so finance. That then grew so big ran out of electricity so then got into electrical distribution. Then ran out of space so got into architecture. Then someone asked me to design an earthquake proof computer room so got into geology. I also designed a system to make money from stocks.

So means I’ve accidentally typed 40,000 lines of code, understand cosmology, quantum physics, geography, geology, structural analysis, aerodynamics, electromagnetics, electricity, architecture , finance, project management, and probably a few other things.

Currently finishing immunology course.

Some learning I do from listening while walking/biking, others I do online video courses. Sometimes I’ve found it too challenging and did in person courses, the last one getting a diploma in management.