Prepare Your Home for #socialdistancing with Your Own eufy Security Kit

Hi, eufy Security aficionados,

We’ve just launched a new range of security kits, designed to protect your home, your family, and your privacy, especially in these trying times as we all practice social distancing.

You can choose from our range of carefully-curated kits, including our Wireless Protection System, which takes your surveillance to the next level with eufyCam 2C and the easy-to-install Battery Video Doorbell.

And if you desire something a little more personal, you can even create your own kit to suit the needs of your home and family.

When building your own security bundle, you can add:


Video Doorbell

Floodlight Camera

Entry Sensor

Click here to check out the bundles on offer, as well as explore all of the DIY security kit options.

Until next time, security fans!

Stay Safe, Stay Secure


And how much?

Nice idea.
But were to buy , how much and…

Don’t forget to add a bundle of high qualified , real true antiviral masks!

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Hi @Alex_Honnor @Chiquinho

Thank you for your concerns and sorry for the confusion.
If you click “here” in the thread, you will be able to enter the security kit page and access all the detailed information (including all the prices and kit options available). I bolded it now to make it more noticeable. :smiley: :point_down:


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Fine, but adding some high class mask which can be acquired in China now easier
(or do those all went to export now) would be an idea.
Think about.
A great gesture, perfect advertising so far.

Looks like a great deal, but with always-home condition, i would have benefited with a discount code for PowerConf, for home office

Hope that comes in next deal from Anker :smiley:

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Not so great deals on eufy products compared to some we had before :thinking:

With Zack doing a video on these I dont see any issue of them selling these at current price


Nice deals :+1:

fair play anker good pricing

But that is a thermometer in the image, right? A product Eufy doesn’t make?

how much will it be??

I see you’re in USA. The prices are all there



My home has been prepared for social distancing, just gotta do the same to Debs :sunglasses:


This is now called “domestic violence”! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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:astonished:Temporarily out of Stock!

thank you that’s a great price