Powerline adapter to relocate EufyCam E Base

Like many others, I purchased a couple EufyCam E cameras, and now I’m struggling with terrible wifi range.

I’m looking at using a powerline adapter like this to relocate the base to a more central location in the house, hopefully reaching all of the cameras. Would something like this work, or does the base need to be plugging directly into the router for some reason?



Can be connected WiFi now, connect wired, go to devices, homebase, connection to setup


Thousands of customers do, welcome to the club!
You may wanna support this concern and vote: [eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-)

Done. I’m surprised at the low number of votes, I would imagine that people just haven’t seen the survey, because I can’t imagine anyone has used this hardware and not had wifi range issues.

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I’ll try that tomorrow when I head over to my mom’s house. Thanks!

Thank for your vote! :+1:

In general, what we have experienced in the past 9 months, users at countryside environments mostly have no issues with the horrible eufy cam range, but therefore downtown and city users even more!

Eufy (Anker) promised and accounced an eternity ago, that they will develop and release a eufy cam range extender. This, and only THIS, would be the solution for all the users who have a horrible and unacceptable eufy cam range.

But … eufy … anker … even after sooooo much time, just havn’t not released this range extender yet! :angry:

And we all wait badly for it! … They just need to do it, finally!

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Whoa… currently a “Blink” user and was thinking of switching to Eufy Cam E for several reasons (having to do with clips) but… after reading these comments, no way! Blink also has some distance reception issues but was able to solve them with a “WiFi Extender” Sounds like Eufy Cam users are stuck with no relief in sight. Don’t want to go through that again.

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Correct, the sad thing is:

It is their own fault! :-1:

They could already solved this issue and satisfy their current and future customers if they just would have released the announced range extender in the past 9(!) months! Because they know about the horrible range issue at least since December 2018.

It feel so much ashamed for them and the fact that a worldwide selling company and brand like eufy (anker) isn’t able to release a little small box which is just doing the simple easy work of forwarding their own internal wifi signal from the cams to the homebase and vice versa … @AnkerOfficial you have to admit, thats pretty much embarrassing, isn’t it?!

I am so much frustrated about the horrible range and the horrible long waiting time for the range eufy cam range extender, that i am in the meanwhile even ready for paying for it(!)

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Hello!@jesse20 So sorry for all inconvenience caused by the wifi range. At the current stage, the eufyCam system requires home internet service for use. The camera should be better placed within 30ft to HomeBase since it requires to connect with HomeBase by sub1g. A great news is that our engineer team is current releasing the beta version wifi HomeBase. It will make the HomeBase free from the wired ethernet cable. Could you please have a try and find a more appropriate place for the homebase where each cameras might get the signal needed easily? Please learn more information about HomeBase Wi-Fi setup in the eufy security app (Slide the left menu>Help>eufyCam>Connection>HomeBase Wi-Fi setup) and find the wifi connection tab (Slide the left menu>My Devices>HomeBase>Connection>Wi-Fi setup). Sincerely thank you for your valuable time!