Powerhouse 555 - Car Socket

Hello! I’m hoping someone can help me understand if my Powerhouse 555 car socket can provide power to a portable fan:

The fan has two settings with the following draws:

  • Low setting draws 1.7 amps
  • High setting draws 2.25 amps
  • Powered by 12V DC

When I plug the fan into the Anker, nothing happens. The fan does work when I plug it into the car’s 12V socket.

The Powerhouse has a maximum of 120W, so I expected this setup to work. Is my math faulty? I’m a nurse, so I’m better with med calculations versus electrical calculations. :wink:

If I gotcthis correctly it is about 27 watts and the 555 is about 500 w

I am wondering when you plugged it in did you hitting the round button next to the plug ins.

It the button and it should light white and it should turn on and should make the plugs active